Electric Control System
Cab centralized console

Cab centralized console

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    Scope of Use

    This series of products is a comprehensive console, which can realize centralized control of cab, has reasonable structure and simple operation. It is suitable for various types of ships and ensures the safe navigation of ships. The cab can control the speed of main engine remotely; equipped with navigation equipment such as satellite navigation system, radar monitoring system, seawater sounding system and compass system; equipped with ship communication equipment such as telephone system, broadcasting system, fire alarm system, general alarm system, main engine command system, fog whistle control system and high frequency intercom system; equipped with navigation light and signal light control system; Equipped with other remote controllers, such as: engine room wind cut-off, searchlight start-up, rain and snow cleaner control and fire pump control; also equipped with equipment distributor, such as: navigational aid distributor, low-voltage navigational aid distributor, deck lighting distributor, outdoor distributor and projection lamp distributor.

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