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Colloidal gold automatic assembly and packaging line

Colloidal gold automatic assembly and packaging line

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    The production line adopts innovative design to realize automatic assembly and packaging, with 41 ~ 48 pcs per minute. It can reduce the manual input of card loading, and support the online detection system to improve the consistency of product detection and reduce manual error. The equipment complies with gamp drug production automation management specification and medical device production quality management specification of in vitro diagnostic reagent.

    Equipment features:

    ● stability: the main flow channel is stably transported by the fork mechanism, and the servo motor is used for reliable operation

    ● automatic: automatic production is completed through two sets of automatic feeding components, two sets of paper cutting components and one set of paper components

    ● high quality: use three sets of vision systems to check ng during paper cutting and assembly to ensure the correct assembly of the kit

    ● convenient operation: provide touch human-computer interaction operation interface

    Equipment parameters: (non-standard customization according to customer requirements)

    Model name: jtj-2800

    Applicable product: colloidal gold detection kit

    Capacity: 48ppm

    Operator: 1 person

    Bottom shell / upper cover feeding: automatic feeding with vibrating disc

    Vision system: three sets of vision: paper cutting, paper loading and capping

    Equipment size: 4m (length) x1.6m (width) x2m (height) (the whole line size can be adjusted according to customer requirements)

    Power supply: 220V / 50Hz

    Air source: 5 ~ 7 bar

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