Unlike the stock ‘Messaging’ app on Android phones which is featureless, the stock ‘Music’ app is one of the best seen on any mobile platform and is fully loaded with lots of features. It lets you to organize your music collection in your preferred way like by track, album, and Artist. You can also download lyrics for the song, search the song’s music video on YouTube, get information on the artist, etc. People who are looking for additional functionality like the ability to search and download music online can select other advanced music apps like Winamp for Android.

But if you are not bothered all the complex features of a music player and just want a simple Android music player app which can do the job efficiently then Tunester could be a good choice. Tunester is recently relased music app for Android and has a minimalist interface which can make listening to music on the go an enjoyable experience. Tunester alphabetically orders the music collection in your phone by artist. You need to just scroll to the artist you want to listen and click on your desired album. The app displays the songs in that specific album for your selection. This arrangement makes it possible to reach any song you want in just a couple of taps. Developers of Tunester call it the ‘dynamic list interface’ where all music collection is shown as one single long list.

As soon as you tap on a song a miniplayer placed at the bottom of the app starts playing the song. A tap on the miniplayer pauses the current song being played while another tap resumes the playback. You can go to the next and previous song by horizontally swiping on the miniplayer. If you are lost while searching for a song, a long press on the face of miniplayer lets you to come back to the current song  being played. This intuitive interface makes it possible to do away with buttons like back, next, previous, home, etc. Tunester also has the much desired shuffle function and full screen album art.

Its true that you can’t create your own playlists and there is no way to see the music collection in the way you want (by albums, audio tracks, genre, etc.). But that is what Tunester is all about. Developers of the app tried to cut as much flab as possible in order to augment the user experience. But I hope that future versions of Tunester will have more features added without compromising on its minimalist UI. All in all, Tunester is unique Android music player app which makes it more convenient to listen music while you are on the go. Give it a try and see it for yourself.

Price: Free

Version: 1.0

Compatible with: Android 2.2 and above

Rating: 9/10

Download link to the App