You may occasionally misplace your mobile phone and spend lot of time searching for it. And losing your mobile phone can be a frustrating experience. Very few lost mobile phones are ever recovered. ‘Track My Phone’ is a latest app for Android phones which lets you to track you phones remotely from your PC or tablet. The app lets you to get the location of the phone, vibrate it briefly, play a siren, take a picture from the phone’s cameras, etc.

Download and install the app from the Play Store and open it with a simple tap. You will be asked to register with your Email ID and a 4 digit PIN of your choice. After the registration is complete, visit the app’s website ( and login with your username (this will be the registered Email) and PIN. An array of options to track your phone are displayed there. The options available are:

  • Vibrate your mobile remotely
  • Ring build-in siren loudly
  • Show a scary picture on your phone’s display
  • Send a message to your phone and read it loud
  • Call to another number (your phone will make a call to another number and you can hear it from your PC)
  • Get the location of your phone on Google Maps
  • Take pictures from either front or rear cameras of your phone
  • Lock phone’s screen remotely
  • Change PIN

Using the above options, you can ring a siren or vibrate it remotely when you forget where you have kept your phone. If your phone is stolen, you can see the location of your phone on Google Maps, get a picture of the person who is possessing the phone currently, send a message to him, make a call from your phone to another number remotely and listen the voice of the thief, etc.

Home-screen of the app has just four items, viz. Settings (for altering the permissions given to the app), View Map (for seeing the location on the map), History (for seeing the app’s past activity), and Visit Site (for visiting the app’s website).

The app worked without any flaws when I tested. Calls and messages were sent to the phone without any time lags and the location of phone was also displayed accurately (see image below). There is no need for GPS on your phone to get its location on the map. But remember that you need to give all the requisite permissions to the app before you can use each of the above listed options. The only problem I found with the app is its slightly unsophisticated look. As it is the very first version of the app, improvements can be expected in future. Users of other tracking apps for Android like ‘Cell Tracker’ and ‘GPS Tracking Pro’ too can try this app as it has better features. The app is totally free and the developer makes money from the ads displayed both on the app and its website.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.2

Rating: 9/10

Supported OS: Android 2.2 and above

Download size: 1.6 MB

Download link to the Software