Its a common practice for people to store their files on their Gmail (or any other mail) accounts. Storing files in mail accounts makes it easy to access them from anywhere without the need to carry any USB Flash Drives. But it takes time to open the mail box and attach the files and the attachment size is also restricted to just 25 MB.

GMail Drive is a simple application which makes it possible to store files online in Gmail accounts through a virtual drive in PC. The virtual drive can be easily accessed through Windows Explorer. In other words, GMail Drive creates a shell name (virtual file system) around the Gmail account. You need to first download the software from this link¬†and install it on your Windows PC. The software adds a new drive bearing its name under the ‘My Computer’ folder. The moment you double click on the GMail Drive icon, it will prompt you to enter your Gmail Login ID and Password to connect with your mail box.

All you need to do to store files online¬† is to just copy or drag and drop the files into the GMail Drive. It will send a mail to your Gmail account with the files as attachments. Just like with any other mail, you can download the files attached to the mail from anywhere and from any computer. Deleting the mail with the files attached will automatically delete the files from the virtual GMail Drive folder on your PC and vice versa. GMail Drive’s interface is very rudimentary and simple to understand. You can also set the virtual drive to automatically login to your Gmail account.

One question which can crop in the minds of readers is why to use another third party software like GMail Drive when you have Google Drive. Well, Google Drive is not a complete cloud storage solution. It just syncs the data between your computer and Google Drive account. It doesn’t free up the storage space on your PC for the synced files. In the case of GMail Drive, the virtual drive created in your PC doesn’t consume any storage space but just displays the files stored in your Gmail account. All in all, give GMail Drive a try for a simple online file storage solution for day to day use.