The high speed 3G and the fast expanding 4G networks make it possible to download music and video files directly on to your smart phones. There are lots apps available to download music files on all the mobile platforms like Android and iOS. But searching and downloading music directly on to smaller devices with virtual keyboards and smaller screens is totally different from downloading music on to your PCs. Many of the existing apps have complicated interface and poor search features. This makes the process of downloading and streaming music to your Android smart phone a tedious process.

A new android app to download music called Skull MP3 promises to make the process of downloading music a very simple process. You can search, download, stream, and play music (with the inbuilt music player) very easily with this app. The app’s home screen has just 4 icons viz. search, downloads, player, and share. By clicking on the search icon, you can search for your favorite music files available freely for downloading and streaming. The search option of the app boasts predictive search feature similar to the one seen on Google search. The moment you start typing the first few words of the songs, artists, and podcasts, the search option shows some related results. The downloaded audio files are stored into the default music folder of your phone. You can play the downloaded files through music player of your phone or the App’s built in audio player. The streaming option too works very well if you have a reliable data connection on your phone. You can also share the downloaded music files (through Bluetooth, Email, and Social Networks)with your friends through the share option of the app.

The app has access to lots of public sites with millions of audio files. All kinds of audio files like MP3 Music, Ringtones, and Podcasts are available for free download. The App’s developer claims to be adding thousands of new sites covering lots of popular languages everyday. I searched and downloaded many latest English, Hindi, and Telugu (my mother tongue)  songs and ringtones through the app. The app downloads files only from verified legal sources. So you need not worry about any copyright issues on the files you download.

Price: Free

Version: 1.0

Compatible with: Android 2.3 and above

Rating: 8/10