The sales of the latest flagship smart phone from Samsung, Galaxy S4 has reached nearly 10 million in just one month after its release. Released at the end of April, the new flagship is now available in nearly 60 countries including India. Samsung said that the S4 is by far its fastest selling smart phone beating all the earlier records. In comparison, it took almost 50 days for the Samsung Galaxy S3,  five months for the Galaxy S2, and seven months for the first Galaxy S to reach the 10  million milestone.

Consumers were impressed with certain new features of the flagship smart phone like its ability to recognize face, voice, and motions without any need to touch the phone’s touchscreen. The solid Samsung Galaxy S4 sales numbers are impressive as they have come despite the supply side issues which delayed its roll out through some carriers in the US. Inventory levels of the Galaxy S4 were not sufficient to meet the unexpected high demand. But some industry experts said that the iPhone 5 is still the fastest selling smart phone in history which got nearly 2 million pre orders within 24 hours of its launch. And, the battle between Samsung and Apple for supremacy in the global consumer electronics market doesn’t seem to be over yet as the Cupertino major is expected to release new gadgets very soon (in the coming fall).

The biggest smart phone manufacturer in the world is also planning to make the Galaxy S4 available in 155 countries through 327 carriers by early next month. This could further boost the sales number and help Samsung in setting new records in the global smart phone market. Samsung already has 33 percent share in the smart phone market. Analysts are expecting that  Samsung Galaxy S4 sales can help it post record profits this quarter and even exceed the profit numbers of Apple for the first time in many years.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available in India for a discounted price of Rs 37,490 from some online retailers.