Pheed, the new revolutionary social-networking service has now launched its Android App. Pheed is a multimedia focused social network which lets its users to share their photos, videos, audio, and of course text with others. Pheed was a rage immediately after its release and attracted nearly 1 million users within the first two weeks of its launch.

To start with, Pheed Android App is totally free. Pheed follows a business model similar to Skype. It takes a cut in the revenues of its premium users who charge other users for accessing their content. Premium users can charge a monthly subscription for viewing their content or a small one time amount for viewing a specific video, picture album, or a text post. The App is also totally ad free. There are no sponsored posts or text ads floating at the bottom of your phone’s screen. Pheed was in fact born on the idea that there are people willing to pay for premium content like they do on their TV. If you can create any valuable content for which others want to pay, then Pheed Android App provides an opportunity for early monetization.

Pheed has managed to do something which many app developers find it hard to achieve. It has achieved that rare feat of compressing the interface of a 15 inch screen to a 4 inch screen of a phone. Interface of the app is totally clutter free and you can get access all the features of Pheed that are seen on your PC’s browser. Pictures and videos captured through your phone’s camera can be uploaded directly through the Pheed Android App.

You can re-share the posts of others within the app internally through a feature called ‘Remix’. Sharing to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter is also possible. Pheed account can be reloaded with money directly from the app itself. There is no need to go back to your PC for doing any tasks related to Pheed.

Some Other Features of the App are:

  • Copyright protection for your content
  • Creation of playlists for your content like text, audio, photo, or video
  • Search function for new posts
  • Promotion of your posts through hashtags like Twitter
  • Blocking certain users from accessing your content
  • Alerts for scheduled live broadcasts events
  • Ghost option to hide your subscribers counter from others

Pheed Android App is currently in its first version. So we can easily expect better features in its later versions.

Download link on Play Store