You may occasionally need to merge two separate PDF files into one or split an existing PDF file into multiple part. Various kind of software are available for doing these tasks. But most of the softwares can either merge or split pdf files. They are also heavy and consume lot of your system resources. Today, I will be reviewing a software which can both merge and split PDF files without any hassle.

PDF splitter and joiner is a simple free software for Windows which can both merge and split PDF files. The software has a very simple and easy to learn interface when compared with other software that do the same task. You can add the pdf files you want to work upon by clicking on the ‘Add PDF button’ on the application’s home screen. Now just click on either on the ‘Splitter’ of ‘Joiner’ menus to split or join the PDFs that were added to the application. Two separately PDF files can be joined by clicking on the joiner option. Or a single PDF file can be divided into multiple subfiles.

The software can extract any number of pages from a PDF file which has multiple pages. The pages which are extracted from a PDF are stored in the application’s temporary memory till you initiate further action. After extracting pages from multiple PDF files, you can create a separate new PDF by selecting and joining the pages stored in the application’s memory. You can also choose the order of the pages in the newly PDF created file. The newly created file will be saved to a place of your choice.

A good thing about this software is works independently and doesn’t need any PDF software like Adobe Reader of Foxit PDF reader installed on your computer to perform its tasks.

Download link to the software

Price: Free

Version: 1.0

OS Compatibility: Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8

Rating: 8/10

Download size: 3.06 MB