Converting images into PDF format is totally different from convert a simple text page into PDF. It can sometimes turnout to be a very frustrating experience if you don’t find the right software to do the task. Below are some of the good and free softwares to convert image to PDF:

Image to PDF Converter

Image to PDF converter is a free software which  can quickly convert image to PDF. The software has a very simple interface which is very easy to learn. You need to just add the images to be converted to the ‘file list’ and click on the ‘Convert’ button. All the images will be converted into PDF format in an instant. The software can also convert a bunch of images into a single PDF (batch conversion). The software supports a vast number of image formats ranging from JPG to PSD.

Though free, this software is only suitable for occasional personal use. When you load more than 10-15 images at once for conversion, the software responds very slowly or even crashes. Another major con of this software is its dull layout which looks to be from the days of Windows 98/2000. The saving grace is that you can change its skin depending upon your taste.

Download link to get the Image to PDF Converter.

Free JPG to PDF

Free JPG to PDF is another good software for converting your images into PDF format. The software has a much better layout than the ‘Image to PDF Converter’. It has limited features but can handle more load than the latter. Add the images that need to be converted, select the output folder and click on the ‘start’ button. Batch conversion is also supported by this software.

This software is also suitable for office or commercial use. Yes, it can convert lots of images at once and save you lot of time and labor. All your need to do is to bring the images that need to be converted into a single folder, select the folder for conversion and press the start button. Conversion is finished in a jiffy without any hassle. A major limitation of this Free JPG to PDF software is that it supports a very limited number of most common formats like JPG and BMP.

Download link to Free JPG to PDF software