Finding the subtitles for the movies you want to watch can sometimes turnout to be a frustrating experience. Downloading subtitles directly from websites like or is tedious. The downloaded subtitles don’t synchronize with the video properly and you need to download more and more subtitles for the same movie. You can make the task of downloading subtitles more simpler by using a software for downloading subtitles. Below is review of the best software for downloading subtitles from the Internet:


Sublight is a nice software for downloading subtitles of movies and other videos like TV series. After downloading the software from the intenet, you need to first register by choosing a user name and password (giving your Email is optional) before installing it on your computer. You also need to enter your preferred language for subtitles. The software has a very simple and clean interface. You need to just type the title of the video you want to download. There are columns to enter the year, season and episode (for TV series) for narrowing down your search. The software is free. But you need to wait for a brief period (generally 10 seconds) for downloading your file. Alternately you can pay a small amount for downloading subtitles without any delay.


The software detects most of the movies as soon as you enter its title. There is also an option to browse and select the video file for which you want to download subtitles or drag and drop the video file on to the software. The software supports 46 subtitle languages depending upon the video file for which you want subtitles. The software claims to be having access to over one million subtitles. Rankings for all the subtitles available through the software are available so that you can check their quality before downloading them. And if you have created a new subtitle for a movie, you can publish it using the software. Overall, Sublight is the best software to download subtitles I have seen so far.

Other features of the Software:

  • Plugin support for accessing subtitles from different sources
  • Subtitle synchronization
  • Preview of subtitles before downloading
  • Support to 9 favorite video players
  • Possible to integrate subtitle search in Windows Explorer
  • Capability to play RAR compressed video files


Price: Free (there is a payment option for faster downloads)

Version reviewed: Sublight 4 (BETA)

Download link to Sublight