There are people who still don’t feel comfortable with their phone’s key pads. The spread of virtual keyboards has just made things more complicated things for them. It took me nearly 3 months to start typing comfortably on the virtual keyboard of my new Sony Xperia. One good solution for such kind of people is sending SMS/MMS messages through their desktops/laptops. There are lots of online messaging services which can be used to send messages to phones. Many of them are free but come with ads linked to the messages you send. Premium online messaging services without ads charge you for the messages you send. But how about sending messages from your desktop or laptop using your very own phone number?


SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting from MightyText  is one App for Android smartphones which lets you to send SMS/MMS from your desktop, Laptop and Android tablet. The app is free and very user-friendly. The apps syncs the messages on your phone with your computer/tablet through your Google account. You need to first install the app on your Android smartphone and later on your computer/tablet. You can install the app on your computer (desktop/laptop) from the link: . Users of Android tablets can install the app from the link: . Installation on both your smartphone and computer/tablet will be over in five minutes. Once it is installed, the app will start syncing the SMS/MMS messages between your Android phone and computer/tablet. You can send and receive messages from the comfort of your computer’s bigger screen and keyboard. You need to just pay the messaging charges to your telecom operator.

The app also offers many additional benefits:

  • Displays the caller name or number on your computer/tablets screen when you get an incoming call.
  • Displays the phone’s battery level on your computer/tablet screen.
  • Backs up the messages on MightyText’s servers.
  • Ability to view backed up messages from any other device.
  • Display of phone’s contacts on the computer/tablet’s screen.

Download the App from this link to Google’s Play.