If you are the kind of person who loves to take random snaps all through the day using the camera in your smartphone, then you may want to store them in different folders depending upon the type of pictures you are taking. Storing all those snaps in the default DCIM folder of your Android phone makes it really messy to organize them later. It would be rather very convenient to select the folder where you want to store your picture before you take the picture itself. There are lots of photo managing apps available for Android phones which can do this for you. But most of these apps are very complicated and have more features than are necessary for normal users. A new app called ‘Camera Folders’ can do this job in a very easy way.


Using the Camera Folders app you can manage where the pictures are stored after they are shot using the camera in your phone. Just before you take the photo, you can open the app and decide the folder where the photo has to be stored. The photos which are taken will then be stored in the specified folder instead of the default DCIM folder. Unlike other photo managing apps, the app will not needlessly bother you with pesky features like social network connectivity.

The app has a very simple user interface which can be understood by anybody very easily. The app is also incredibly light and hence very responsive. It never hangs up in the middle and ruin your photo taking experience. The major problem with this app is that it still doesn’t support sorting of videos. This sounds a bit annoying. But given that it is a new app, we can hope that this feature will be added by the developer in future.

Conclusion and Download Link

Camera Folders is a simple photo sorting app for Android phones for people who love simple interface, lesser but important features, and ease of learning. The app is completely free and there are not premium versions of it. The App requires Android 2.1 on your phone.

Download link of Camera Folders on Play Store