The date when Google Glass will be available for the public is still not out. But this has not stopped developers from developing Apps for the most eagerly awaited gadget since the launch of iPhone in 2007. With the market for smartphones peaking out, wearable technology looks to be the next big thing in the technology world. And no media company in the world would want to miss the bus.  The New York Times has just launched its app for the users of Google Glass. This makes it the first installable third party Google Glass app available for the gadget. The app was first demoed at at the recent South by Southwest conference.

The app streams latest news and headlines on to the head-mounted display at stipulated intervals. The app can also read out the news headlines and any breaking news. A gentle will also make the app to read out news summaries. Navigating through the limited menus of the app is also prety simple. A simple tilt of your head would make the app to download the complete story or photos. The app ensures that you can always be in touch with the latest news of the hour. But some consumers might find the app very intrusive.

If you have Google Glass with you, you can configure the app at this link. Once you click on the link, you will asked to link your Google account with their service and grant permission to access your basic information and location.

That said many other companies are also reportedly working on developing thier Google Glass App. Some companies who are rumored to be working on apps for Google Glass are Twitter, Evernote, and Facebook. Many other newspapers and magazines which have found a second lease of life in the form of smartphones and tablets might release their own apps for Google Glass soon.