Last month, Google has announced that it will be shutting down its Google Reader service from July 1, 2013. The closing of Google Reader is part of Google’s cleanup exercise to close down some of its services to focus on other core services. Many people who use  Google Reader have started looking for alternatives.Below are some of the alternatives to Google Reader:



NewsBlur has good interface like the Google Reader and is inarguably the best alternative to the latter. Those of you who are using Google Reader now can import your news feeds to NewsBlur very easily. The premium version costs just $1 per month and has no limits. NewsBlur has apps for Android and iOS so that you can stay in touch with the latest happenings from anywhere.


Feedly is a magazine-style service which can also function like an RSS reader. Feedly has a good algorithm for suggesting news and makes it easy to find news articles that are of interest to you. Social media is very well embedded in Feedly so that you can share your news stories through social networks. Feedly has a unique ‘Save for Later’ feature which enables you to store some feeds for reading them in future.


Pulse is not a complete RSS Reader. It has an inbuilt   algorithms for news filtering that find the stories that the reader thinks that you may enjoy. But, Pulse is very good in putting interesting stories to the top. Pulse follows a tiled approach for its interface which is very different from that of the traditional RSS readers. Pulse lets you to easily import all the feeds from the database of Google Reader and has mobile apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets.


Just like Pulse, Taptu also has a visual interface for browsing your news Feeds. The main USP of this RSS reader is that you can customize your feeds in exactly the same way you want. There is also an option to add your personal Twitter and Facebook feeds for quick access. Taptu is a bit lagging when you scroll through the stories from with in the app. But, there is an option to switch to the web version of the story which works really smoother.

The Old Reader

Old Reader was founded in 2011, when Google decided to remove the social features from its RSS Reader. Many features like keyboard shortcuts, capability to keep a track of other Old Reader users, sharing your stories with them are borrowed from Google Reader. So, Old Reader is one RSS Reader which closely resembles the Google Reader. Old Reader doesn’t have a mobile interface (mobile apps) yet, but is very simple and fast to use.